What Is Super Chewer from Barkbox?


The following is a review of my personal experience with Super Chewer from Bark.  You’ll see what’s included in the box I received, Fall Hike.  It was packed with goodies that are explained in detail below.

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Product Name: Super Chewer subscription box
Website: www.barkbox.com/super-chewer/

Product Overview: What is Super Chewer from BarkBox?

If you’ve never heard about Barkbox and Super Chewer, they’re dog subscription boxes from Bark.  A box comes each month for as long as you signed up for.  The longer duration you commit to, the less monthly expense you’ll have.  You can choose up to 12 months.  Each box has two toys, two bags of all natural treats, and two chews.  Read more about the regular BarkBox here.

A Super Chewer box is slightly more expensive but has two durable toys unlike the regular BarkBox that comes with fluffier toys.  For the most part the toys are nylon or rubber.  We still have most of the toys we got during our previous Super Chewer.  We also have a few that were replacements for toys that were destroyed.  Any time we had a toy that did not hold up well, they sent a replacement.  BarkBox stands behind their tough toys and will send replacements.

The Super Chewer box is similar to the BarkBox as they come every month and there’s always a theme.  BarkBox ships all boxes around the 15th of each month.  You will receive your box within a few days depending on shipping times.

As I said in the original review of the standard BarkBox, it is nice to have all the treats you need during a month and plenty extra.  I really like the Super Chewer box because it’s harder to go to the store and pick out toys you think are going to hold up.  The value is fantastic as well.  They range from $30-$45 depending on the subscription you choose.  If you consider that the two toys would cost $14 – $17 each when sold individually, treats are $5 per bag, and chews are around $3, the value you’re getting is probably $41 – $47.  I recommend a longer subscription as you’ll pay less.

When you start a subscription, they send the first box immediately.  The next box will be sent around the 15th the following month.  Additionally, you can always add on extra toys, treats, or even their dental kit called Bright.  We’re going to add that to our next box to see how it works and if it works.

I wrote a post about a week ago about our first regular Barkbox, what came with it, and my opinion about their customer service.  You can read more by clicking here.  If your pup prefers fluffy toys, the standard BarkBox is a great option.  If your pup is like my Jack Russell, they like to take the fluff out of the toys and the Super Chewer is a better option.

We decided to upgrade to the Super Chewer box since the only toy that we still have in one piece after a week is the Frappuccino with a squeaker.  Bark makes this very easy to do.  I was able to do it all in a chat on their website.  We have experience with the Super Chewer subscription as we had it for our big dog and have quite a few toys that both the big dog and the Jack Russell puppy love to chew on.  I was curious to see how the toys compare for a small dog box and a large dog box.

The first SuperChewer box we received is called Fall Hike.  The toys that came in the box are incredibly durable.  And the small size is definitely easier for our Jack Russell puppy to carry around.  We do get an extra toy each month.  The three toys we received are call Acornucopia, Franz the Fox, and Pup’s Treat Pinecone.  Franz squeaks when you squeeze pretty hard and the other two can hold treats.

There are two bags of treats that are labeled  as Super Chewer treats.  They’re made tougher than the standard box’s treats.  They are wheat free, soy free, corn free, and grain free like the standard box.

There are also two chews.  For this box, we received a patty and a stick.  The beef patty is soft and chewy and the pork stick is hard and crunchy giving us the option of what to give our pups.

The Good and the Bad

The Good are very similar to the standard BarkBox:

  1. They give back to the community.  They have a program for rescues and shelters.
  2. Bark stands behind their toys.  They’re basically guaranteed since you can get a replacement if the toy is not tough enough.
  3. The treats in all of Bark’s boxes are high quality.  They’re always made without wheat, soy, corn, & grain.
  4. The toys are curated for your dog’s size. Many of the toys in the Super Chewer are treat dispensing for interactive play.
  5. They have various choices of single box or subscriptions that can save a little bit.
  6. The Super Chewer box is customizable and you can change the assortment of toys, treats and chews.
  7. Bark bills the subscriptions monthly.  You don’t have to pay upfront for the whole subscription.

The Bad are also similar to the standard BarkBox:

  1. Once you sign up for a subscription, it can be difficult to cancel.
  2. If you order one box, that is considered a subscription and must be canceled before the billing date.
  3. The Super Chewer box is more expensive.  If your dog likes fluffy toys and doesn’t need toys that are tough, go with the standard BarkBox.

Who is a Super Chewer BarkBox subscription for?

Super Chewer is for everybody who has a dog that beats up their toys.  You’ll get hard to destroy toys every month.  This is so much easier than trying to find a toy tough enough at a store.  It is a great value and you don’t have to buy treats or toys at the store anymore.  If you do have a dog that plays rough and chews hard, the Super Chewer box is for you.

Does the company offer support? Is there a support system?

If I haven’t said it enough, BarkBox customer service is fantastic.  Read my more detailed review of the customer service at Bark by clicking here.

How much does a Super Chewer box cost? 

Super Chewer box prices can vary.  They are a bit more expensive than the standard box.  It’s worth it for the toy durability.

They have 3 subscription levels.  The 1 month subscription is $45 / month. This is a subscription and will renew every month until you cancel it.  The 6 month subscription is $35 / month.  The Super Chewer box will ship every month and the subscription will renew if you don’t cancel it.  There’s also a 12 month subscription that costs $30 / month. Just like the others, it will renew if you don’t cancel the renewal.  The cost of the 12 month plan is the least amount monthly.  In addition to Super Chewer subscriptions, you can gift barkboxes in a quantity of 1, 3, 6, & 12.  They are $45, $109, $210, and $360 respectfully.

In addition to the subscription choices, there are also monthly choices you can add to your box.  You can add on individual toys and treats or double your box contents. As I mentioned above, you can even add Bark’s new dental product, Bright.  Each of these is in addition to the monthly price you are paying for the subscription.

Is the Super Chewer box worth the money?

I personally find all of Bark’s boxes well worth the money.  You can’t go to the store and buy 2 quality durable toys, 2 bags of quality treats, and 2 quality chews for what the Super Chewer costs.  You may be able to find less expensive options at a store, but when you look at the prices of the Bark toys that are in stores, the majority are $10 and up.

When does the Super Chewer box ship?

Bark will ship your first box right away.  After that, Bark sends out the monthly subscription boxes around the 15th of each month.

Summary of BarkBox’s Super Chewer Box

Product Name: Super Chewer Subscription Box
Product Website: barkbox.com
Price: Varies on subscription length and add ons ($30+ monthly)
Overall:  10/10 stars


I love getting a box every month almost as much as my pup does.  It’s a great option for any pet parent who loves to spoil their fur kids with high quality items.

Have you ever ordered Super Chewer for your pup?  I’d love to know what your pup loves the most.

If you’ve never tried the Super Chewer box, you can get a free month on 6 or 12 month plans!

Special offer: Get a FREE month added to your plan when you subscribe to a 6- or 12- month subscription.


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