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First and foremost, thank you for visiting my page. I set up this site so that I can share my experiences with you. I hope you find value in what I publish and that it helps you with your furry friend.


I am pretty sure I was born an animal lover.  We always had dogs and cats at home. Unfortunately my mom & I were allergic to cats so the cats were outdoor cats.  We had so many different breeds of dogs through my childhood.  To name a few, we had a Rottweiler, a Doberman, Golden Retrievers, a couple of Corgis (Cardigan and Pembroke), a few French Bulldogs, and a few Jack Russels.  I have had three Jack Russells since I was 8 years old.  As a family we had a couple more.  Freeman was a puppy I got for Christmas and I have loved Jacks ever since.  My second Jack Russel lived for 17.5 years and passed away last year.  Ziggy was born in February and she is 8 months old.  I might train her for agility.

I love animals so much I even became a dog trainer for a few years.  My fiance got a job in Detroit, MI and we moved.  I have yet to set up my services in the area but  I have thought about setting up a business again.  I do occasionally offer services on Rover still.

As a trainer and previously training my own dogs, I learned a lot about the different methods used in training.  I am an advocate for reward based training.  I have seen other types of training in the past, and I am against most of them because a lot of people don’t understand how to used these methods.  It is never ok to do something that causes pain for the dog.

I said I’m an animal lover, and that includes horses.  When it comes to horses, I am also very knowledgeable about many topics.  My dad had quarter horses and I was on a horse before I was a year old.  I was hooked. I had a Shetland pony my dad bought for me when I was a toddler. When I was 7 I was taking traditional lessons at a hunter jumper barn.  I rode horses competitively at 8 years old.  I showed my ponies in hunter classes and occasionally would ride other peoples horses.  When I grew too big to ride ponies, I upgraded to a horse.  I switched to mostly riding in the jumper classes.  I showed internationally (Canada & Mexico) and all over the country.  Sadly, I didn’t ride through college.  After school was done, I purchased an off the track thoroughbred and trained him to do hunters and jumpers.  I wasn’t able to show him due to my finances so I ended up selling him to a wonderful girl who was able to show him and still does to this day.

I love all animals big and small.



I live outside of Detroit, MI but I’m originally from St. Louis, MO and I spent a few years in Florida.  I currently live with my fiance and our two dogs.  One is a rescue and the other a Jack Russell Terrirer.

I graduated from school as an Industrial Engineer. I recently accepted a job in my field and I love what I do. Not many people get to say they’re managing a project that includes “raising the roof.” Yes. We are raising the roof of our new distribution center 12 feet. Sounds crazy but it’s a great project to manage.


All the best,


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